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    Too many people have peed in the pool culture web stephenfry.com

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    I’m going to go ahead and offer an alternative viewpoint, not entirely disagreeing, but not entirely agreeing.

    I’ve found twitter to be invaluable, even to this day. I use it for both reading & writing.

    The “pee” or “poo” that twitter is experiencing is nothing at all unique to twitter, but simply a natural phenomenon that all systems encounter as they take on more users. The same will be true of Lobsters fyi, so enjoy the site in its early days while you still can.

    Everything becomes a victim of its own success when the content is user-generated. It simply more accurately reflects the population at large and less-so the early adopters at the start.

    Enjoying twitter in such a climate may not be possible for long-time users who cling to the early days. Indeed I cannot enjoy HN these days for much the same reason.

    But at the same time Twitter is still unique among social networks in terms of its value offering, and it is possible to have useful and productive conversations on it. I have such conversations almost every day, and I have more than 1K followers. There is a style one can adopt to minimize the amount of poo or pee that appears in one’s mentions, and ultimately you are free to mute or block anyone you’d like.

    Some day I hope a more decentralized network comes along and takes Twitter’s place, but until then it’s the best personality-focused social network we’ve got, at least in my estimation.

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      Flagged as off topic. Polemics about being called a sexist on the internet really aren’t interesting. I don’t think many would be very interested in this one either, if it didn’t have Fry’s name attached.

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        If this manifestation was only happening in Twitter it would be bearable, but the entire internet is full of these people. I would’ve never thought that the Internet, full of free thought and expression, would one day not be censored by governments or authorities, but by its users.

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          Increasingly, I’m starting to believe Twitter is better used as a write-only broadcast medium.

          The big mistake of Twitter is letting anyone talk to anyone. There’s no sense of community because it’s so big. Everyone should behave better, yes, but there’s no real way to police it all because it’s so big.

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            I’ve found that I gain the most utility from twitter as a read only platform. I just follow people who push out interesting work / links to articles and treat it more as an rss reader over a social platform.

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              This is the way I have drifted as well. It actually is very useful as a source for http://nuzzel.com/ if you follow enough people who post links you might want to read.

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              My view of Twitter is that there’s no way to have meaningful conversation in 140 characters, so everything is ambiguous, oversimplified or just trivial. It’s only good for clever one-liners and exchanging links really.

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                I tend to agree with you. And Twitter does too, apparently, if their rumoured change to allow much longer tweets has any substance. What will finally break it for me is if they change to not do chronological history. I hate that I can’t scroll down my Facebook feed and stop when I’ve reached a post I’ve seen before, because there might be posts below it that I haven’t due to FB thinking they know what I want.