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    Plain Org v1.2 released show emacs ios mobile xenodium.com
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    This just appears to be a press release for a closed-source iOS application, with no technical content.

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      Today, I announced the v1.2 Plain Org update. 3 months ago, I annouced the app’s launch, generating some interest amongst lobste.rs readers. The app is relatively unknown, but the few users seem fairly happy.

      On iOS, there are no shortages of markdown apps. In fact, it’s hard to make a choice with so many options. Great problem to have. For those preferring org markup, our iOS options boil down to just a handful, with Plain Org only showing up a few months ago and still fairly unknown:

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        I was pretty excited when I discovered Plain Org. Bought it straight away.

        I’ve tried the others, on iOS, and Beorg seems good, but I’m rooting for Plain Org.

        I always wanted an app that’ll allow me to make notes in org-mode, that will be available on/sync to iOS too, in a robust editor.

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          Hey, that’s really nice to hear! Thank you.

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        Kudos to your efforts, the app seems nice. But I’m sure there is a better place to advertise than lobste.rs. This post seems quite inappropriate for this forum.