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    I’m always slightly disappointed when they have a “book” bundle and the books are digital. I know it would increase the price 200-300x + shipping, but I don’t think of ebooks as books. I wish they would call it a Humble eBook Bundle :(
    I’m probably old school, but I can never get excited about buying an eBook for something you can find online. I don’t have any long commutes though, so I’m probably not the perfect audience for eBooks. I like the idea of books, not that I buy many of those new, especially not technical books.
    Sorry I’ll stop ranting and go back to telling kids to get off my lawn.

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      This is a pretty disjointed bundle. Most of those books have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

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        It’s….it’s as though O'Rly is just trying to sell indiscriminate crap made out of dead trees without an eye for quality.

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          Aren’t these all digital? Dead electrons? :)

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        This is basically product spam for humble bundle @flyingfisch….

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          Well it has Rasberry Pi, Car PC, IRC, BSD, Perl, Excel, HTML5, SQL, and Kinect Hacks, so it is definitely software development related. I’m on the fence.

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            You can’t really get to the contents without paying, and we usually discourage posting indexes instead of specific articles anyways.

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            sorry, I thought people might find it interesting. I’ll keep it off of here from now on :|

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              I wouldn’t say you need to keep it off here. I think it’s a reasonable guess that it could possibly be of interest to the community, and then folks are free to up-/down-vote proportional to their interest.