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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Getting into Emacs development to see if I can fix this bug: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gnu-emacs/2021-01/msg00363.html (which I raised).

      First step is setting up a Dockerised Emacs dev environment, so I don’t hose my local setup (or, worse, accidentally use my actual authinfo files while testing).

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      My talk has been accepted to FOSDEM! I’ll compensate with the lack of travel by drinking some Belgian beer and preparing the talk along with additional work on the projects I’m presenting.

      However my email where I confirm my participation hasn’t been delivered as the oracle server rejects my email :/ The hassles of having your own email server.

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        Congrats! What’s the talk going to be about?

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          Secure boot is hard to setup to roll your own keys because the tooling is terrible. The documentation is verbose and overloaded with implementation details you don’t really need to care about. It’s frustrating there is no solutions that can actually provide a nice user-experience without reading the half the UEFI spec which leaves most people just disabling it if their distro does not provide the microsoft signed shims.

          The idea is to present why the tooling is hard to grasp and then present my take on secure boot tooling with sbctl and the work I have done by writing a Go UEFI library from scratch. The goal is to try move the user-experience of this forward.


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            OK been there, done that, got the scars! Looking forward to it!!!

            I find this is also true to a lesser extent about most of the UEFI boot ecosystem. What’s worse is that so much of the community self help content out there is still MBR oriented it can be very hard for end users to find good thorough reliable advice on problem solving.

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      I’ll be re-entering employed society on the 25th, after being out since Nov 2019 – So, I’m celebrating! And thinking about what I want to do with the next 2 weeks.

      I’m also still messing with colors, and I want to try and re-mount my fat emacs config into a doom emacs config – Many decisions I find myself making after hlissner has already made the thing I want. The thing holding me back was a way to pivot my keyboard layout into doom’s bindings, but the other day I learned someone has done the legwork for another layout!

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        Congrats on the new job!

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            Wow, you really are excited! :P

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      We had our first snow yesterday, so I’ll probably be out doing snowy things.

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      working on staying away from computer screens

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        It’s not working :D

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      Anxiously trying to get my ebook Generative Art in Go finished before the February release. Wish me luck.

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        Good luck. Sounds really interesting so hopefully one extra pre-order helps with the motivation. Looking forward to reading it.

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          Many thanks! Appreciated 🙏🏼

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      I am setting up yet-another-content-site, probably my 15th or so, in a never-ending quest to get away from BigTech and own what I create. This time it’s AWS/EC2, MySQL, Postgres, Ghost, and Commento, with a Vimeo backend for videos. (One day I want to go completely serverless, but today is not that day)

      It’s all set up, but there’s a lot of tweaks: getting the STMP working, tweaking the html/css a bit, watching the EC2 billing panel, etc.

      What’s crazy is that I started with a personal blog 20-some years ago, and after working with everything from Blogger to Google+, it really looks like my best bet was to have stayed with a personal blog. As soon as you enter any kind of walled garden, the publisher and creator’s incentives begin to diverge. Although you can ignore this for a long while, eventually there’s no ignoring it. Better just to own what you make than rely on others to “help” you talk to folks.

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      I was going to a cake tasting with my fiance, but the town we were visiting is currently in a winter storm with over 6” of snow expected. So we’ll see

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      Painting! We’re moving into a new (to us) house next week, and we’re going to paint a few rooms before we make the move.

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      Going back to job applications (for me) and to work (for my partner) was tougher than expected, so quality time together.

      Besides that still learning raku and trying to draft a few blog posts.

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      Fixed my blog at https://hyper.dev and working on http://peacesear.ch (a group of person interested in floss search engines)

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      I’m working on a service that allow you to forward email from your custom domain to your personal domain.

      This kind of service usually offers to you by your domain registra like namecheap but once you migrated DNS off them or using Cloudflare DNS/Route53, you don’t have that anymore.

      I have a few domains laying around and would love to get email to these, I scratch my own itch and do it.

      The service is https://hanami.run if you are curious.

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        Neat service

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      Lots of things I’ve been working on during the week:

      • Reimplementing Plan 9’s playlistfs (disappeared after V1, for some reason)
      • Nix builds for my Go projects instead of rsyncing binaries to my server and setsiding them,
      • a tool to hide X11 windows and keep track of them (better version of a shell script)
      • a shell wrapper that Git-versions your commands automatically as you develop them
      • a really simple config format with as little symbols as possible

      Hopefully I can give them all some attention on the weekend

      Also preparing 6 beds for the garden for spring

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      Reading Google’s SRE handbook in preparation for my infra/security related job starting this Monday!

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      Writing some more on a blog post series about deploying and operating a Nomad cluster. But what I will end up doing is messing around with the demos and not making much real progress on the writing.

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      This weekend I’ll try to add a scorer to the text search engine bluge so that documents with terms closer to each other are ranked higher.

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      Hoping to work a bit on my side project (a time-ordered queue server). I’ve been dragging my feet making it public (hoping it would be more “complete” when I did), but am excited to finally have it out there!

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        Interesting project, just starred it.

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      I’m starting on the next version of freedombone (https://freedombone.net) which will be based on Debian Bullseye. I usually takes quite a while, depending upon how significant the differences between Debian releases are. Last time the biggest change was the firewall. I’m probably also going to move over to using a more recent version of FreedomBox freedom-maker for building images.

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      I am straw widower for the weekend and Janetuary is in full swing, so I guess I will Janet.

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        I’m not familiar with the phrase “straw widower”. I found a few references, but I’m most of them don’t seem to fit your usage. (for example.) I take it you mean your partner is away for the weekend?

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          Oh yep. That is the meaning here, where I live :-).

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          In Swedish, “gräsänkling” (grass widower) refers to a man stuck working in the city while his wife and children are in the country. I believe it stems from the late 19th century when the well-off middle class (in the UK sense) could afford a country place and the mother could accompany the children on school vacations.

          The “widower” generally joined them on week-ends.

          Edit considering the close cultural ties of Sweden with Germanophone Europe during this time I would not be surprised if the word is a German loan-word.

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      I ordered a PineTime dev kit a few days ago, but I won’t see the thing for 10-20 days. However, there is a Watch Face simulator; I will be having fun with in the mean time. I also ordered and have received a Jeff Probe (cheaper Black Magic Probe, still open source/hardware), but have nothing to use it with yet. :-/

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      Probably cooking and writing. Nothing too exciting.

      I am also gonna figure out how to migrate over my Gemini server to my new dedi and work on a second part to a short story about commercial space travel.

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      Looking at wrapping up a few projects to be able to disassemble a wire rack that is mostly taking up space.

      I’m also playing around with some thermal optics. Might see if I can motorize the setup as well.

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      Just fixed my Jimny’s speedo so taking it out onto the interstate, baby. I-90 from Seattle to Boston…or maybe a touch on I-5 and up toward Canada.

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      Install a new desk for the kids to work/play on, and make my project for non-profit sports clubs more reliable by introducing more tests and persistent error logging.

      Last week I made it less dependant on infra, and it’s been less of a headache already.

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      A distributed file system

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      Working on fixing a bug submitted to me two years ago: https://github.com/susam/uncap/issues/10. This is a tiny and lightweight key remapping tool for Windows, primarily used by Vim and Emacs users. This issue got introduced in the last release (0.3.0) which broke backward compatibility with an earlier release (0.2.2). Here is how the timeline looked:

      • Version 0.2.2 and earlier did not remap injected key strokes. For example, the on-screen keyboard injects keys. Extended keys like “Start Mail” or “Select Media” also cause injected key strokes. This tool ignored injected key strokes to avoid a remap loop (more details here).
      • Version 0.3.0 began remapping injected key strokes. This became problematic for users who want to remap non-injected key strokes but don’t want to map injected key strokes. For example, a user who wants to map actual ctrl of the keyboard to something else but do not want to map ctrl injected by an advanced configurable mouse (an example here).

      My plan is to disable the injected-key-remapping feature by default, so that the default behaviour becomes the same as that of version 0.2.2, and then make the injected-key-mapping feature available via a command-line option. Now, this would still be problematic for users of version 0.3.0 who have become used to injected-key-remapping by default. That is unfortunate. Either way, I am going to create problems for one set of users. If I don’t fix this, version 0.2.2 users see a different default behaviour in version 0.3.0. If I fix this, version 0.3.0 users will now see a different default behaviour.

      Lesson learnt: Even if it is a personal hobby project, as long as it has got at least one other user, do not alter the default behaviour. Introduce any changes to default behaviour with an optional flag or CLI option.

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      Knocking some videogames off my backlog, probably. My last contract ended last month and the next one will start in a few weeks probably, my winter vacation trip blew up and the year started pretty roughly for me, so I’ve just been spending every day holed up at home playing videogames, save for a short coding project I did over a couple days for some friends. It was the first time I used Rust for anything that actually went live somewhere and besides some pains with differing versions of Tokio I enjoyed it.

      I kinda want to take up making music with a tracker. Anybody got some recomendations, preferrably for something open source and working on Windows and Linux?

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      Reading Queens of the Wyrd which is inspired heavily from Kings of the Wyld. QotW is self-published, very much liked it so far, plus it is well written.

      Not sure if I’ll do the weekend ~hour long walk this time, bit of sprain lingering from the last weekend.

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      Trying to help my 9-year old son with his first steps of (python) programming. He wants to create Minecraft mods (he’s written up a sizeable spec for one) but needs to learn programming first. He’s done some gameified visual programming in the past, but hates repetition so typing the simple exercises in the book we have bores him. (There’s a lot of typing ‘print’ in the first few exercises.)

      Also making stock from a whole load of bones and trotters we had delivered yesterday. We get a delivery fortnightly and put it in almost everything. Good for our joints, and the tastebuds!

      Spending some quality time with my guitar, as most days. I try to practice at least 40 mins each day, and currently I’m going through Paul Gilbert’s beginner course on ArtistWorks. Hoping to do my second video recording and send it to him for feedback this weekend.

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      I have been learning OpenStack and stayed up late setting up the Devstack environment.

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      I have a few SBC’s to review for my blog although we have snow here today, if its still snowy tomorrow I’ll be outside playing haha.