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    Hey thanks for writing this. Great article!

    I used Overtone a bit when it first came out and was blown away by the demos, but the docs are (or were) a bit sparse and having a “This is how you get going” intro here is very helpful.

    Have you produced any great music with it yet?

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      I also tried overtone awhile back but since I found out about the creators and their newer Sonic-Pi project, I’ve shifted gears to that. I’m still a total beginner but the Ruby syntax is almost as approachable as the Closure, to my eyes.

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        Yes, I agree that the docs are pretty sparse, but hopefully that will soon no longer be the case. I am still experimenting with it and testing to see which features we have available and which should be made. Today I wrote a follow-up to this article, it describes how to set up VS Code with Calva for Overtone live coding, maybe it’ll be helpful. https://savo.rocks/posts/setting-up-vs-code-for-clojure-and-overtone-development/