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    Can’t GenodeOS work as the userland for seL4?

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      Genode is nice and all, but it is Affero GPL licensed. This is likely seen as a huge liability.

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        Specifically because they want hardware/software businesses to pay for using it. So, they should probably think of that combo as seL4 plus a commercial product. Most won’t use it as you predicted.

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          Ooooh, now that is something I totally missed, thanks!

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          From their documentation 1:

          Genode can be deployed on a variety of different kernels including most members of the L4 family (NOVA, seL4, Fiasco.OC, OKL4 v2.1, L4ka::Pistachio, L4/Fiasco). Furthermore, it can be used on top of the Linux kernel to attain rapid development-test cycles during development. Additionally, the framework is accompanied with a custom microkernel that has been specifically developed for Genode and thereby further reduces the complexity of the trusted computing base compared to other kernels.

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            But seL4 is single core only, so it’s not much use outside of embedded or single-purpose equipment :(

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              Uh, oh :/ this is something I didn’t realize :(

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                They have an unverified implementation, which is roughly as secure as a normal operating system.