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      I woke up first thing Christmas morning to find my software on this list. Best Christmas present ever.

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        I just wanna say thank you for making yori - it was and is one of the first things I install on Windows servers still, when I’m administrating them.

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      I’ve used almost all the tools on this list when I was developing for Windows, and I know there’s a few Windows developers around here, so I figured it would be useful to share.

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      Oh man, Steve Miller still updates his applications?

      I’m still waiting for an aarch64 version of Dependency Walker…

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      1. I love how every quote in this article is from Beyoncé.

      2. I haven’t used most of the tools on this list but I have used Winget. I don’t think Winget is ready for primetime yet. I would recommend chocolatey instead. When I tried using Winget several weeks ago, the new “upgrade” feature was unaware of any of the packages I had installed through Winget, and therefore it wouldn’t find any packages to upgrade. Furthermore, it would emit an error message for what looks like an out-of-bounds exception whenever I invoked the upgrade subcommand.

      3. I did install quicklook at this list’s recommendation and it is pretty neat.