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    We must also be careful not to make the same fallacy in the other direction.

    “It’s taboo to say group X is genetically inferior, but what if it’s true?”

    “Sure, it’s possible, but the science is out on that because it’s incredibly difficult to eliminate all confounding variables. All the evidence we have so far says that if it’s true, the difference is minuscule and dwarfed by external factors and says nothing any specific individuals, if it’s true at all.”

    “You’re just trying to be PC! Virtue signaling! Thought police!”

    In other words, a lot of people mistake personal confirmation bias and ideas that go against the “moral fashion” as revolutionary, secretly correct, or “being open-minded”…this is in itself a “moral fashion,” simply with a different group of followers. And we certainly should be open-minded, and we certainly shouldn’t dismiss ideas out of hand based on what we would like to be true, but I’ve seen more than one person fall into the exact trap simply in the other direction.