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    In the end, you’re paid to do whatever your company incentivizes you to do. If you have a company which values producing lines of code, that’s what you do. So, in a sense, this post is wrong. It’s not up to me to define what I’m paid to do, it’s up to management and how they want to align their reward system.

    Unfortunately, most organizations are really terrible at this and many managers do not actually understand the effect their actions have, so you might be quite ambiguous.

    I didn’t really feel like this post added anything new beyond the original Taco Bell Programming post.

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      Is a Mechanic paid to fix the car / bike ?
      Is an Architect paid to design the building ?
      Is a Chief Engineer paid to oversee the construction of a bridge ?
      Is an Engineer paid to design and build a part ?
      Is a Research Scientist paid to design and experiment with prototypes ?
      Is a Worker paid to move stuff, skillfully ?
      Is an Interior Designer paid to redecorate the kitchen ?

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        These are end results, but how you get there and how you charge for getting there are different for different careers.

        I’ll be honest, I don’t think your questions add value and miss the point entirely. Software Development is not like fixing a car, or designing a building, or constructing a bridge, or moving stuff, or redecorating. I can some similarities in design/building a part or experimentation.

        Any which way, if you believe these comparisons valid I would like to see more of your reasoning rather than lobbing a bunch of questions that seem to be leading in some way and expecting the answers and insights to be self-evident