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Hi Lobsters, I built a tool to help you find a domain for your next project.

When I search for a domain, I end up sharing my top picks with a couple of friends, then they start searching too, and they share back, and I end up with this log full of domain candidates that I end up parsing through and making a spreadsheet or something and… Wouldn’t it be swell if we could just do all of that in the same tool? WeDomainSearch is that tool.

A bit about the project:

It’s a really simple mashup between Firebase for realtime collaboration and domai.nr for the registrar search API. I don’t have any affiliates deal here, so I’m not making any money from it (domai.nr does).

The first prototype was built in a few hours, and then another day or two of polish. This some months ago. What little source there is, is up on Github: https://github.com/shazow/wedomainsearch

I’d love ideas for how to take it further or promote it. Of the few people who know about it, they’ve successfully used it to find great domains with ease and look forward to use it again. Alas it’s a fairly niche product, but I think Lobsters are the ideal audience for it.

Thanks for checking it out! :)


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    As someone who just bought a few domains last week, I really appreciate this tool. I was sending emails back and forth between friends, trying to pick a name. If I had this, I would have just sent a single link. Really cool.

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      Ah sorry I didn’t post this sooner. :) That new-domain-purchase high will wear off soon anyways, and WeDomainSearch will be there for you when you’re craving your next hit.

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        A cool feature would be to list the price of the domain if it is not available. You could look these up from big marketplaces like SEDO or GODADDY. Even though a domain is not “available”, it might already be for sale.

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      Really clever. I’ve been making tools to help people find domains for 5 years, and haven’t seen this idea before. Nice!

      I sent your site to my friend at a big domaining blog. Maybe you’ll get some press.

      Good luck.

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        Thanks! Much appreciated. :) I was thinking of sending to Lifehacker or somesuch. I think a lot of people could benefit from it, but it’s hard to target the right people for this.