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    Sadly, it’s not satire.

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      The author seems to be living under an ETH rock and oversimplifies the state in which we reside.. Making bold statements like

      It’s no secret that the Ethereum login will soon become a user standard and passwords will no longer be needed.

      are not based on any statistic or paradigm shift (at least one I’ve read or witnessed). Saying this working in a blockchain-based startup myself, exaggerated statements that are borderline misleading clickbaits that remind me why I find Medium articles extremely troublesome.. This is not to say that the described authentication method is a good direction for dapps but rather to criticize the initial point and title of the article - not needing JWT anymore.

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        I came to the comments before reading the article - thanks for saving me a few minutes otherwise wasted on this! :D

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        You just need to install a browser extension or well download this mobile app application, to replace a JWT token with a different “web3” token… What an improvement! /s

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          Do we have a tag to filter out web3/blockchain/nft/crypto bullshit and suggest it to posts like these? “web” does not quite cover this…

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            merkle-trees was made exactly for that

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              Well, if someone’s overly specific, that’ll filter out git posts too…

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                That would be an incorrect tag, because discussions related to git should be tagged with vcs - “Git and other version control systems”.

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              Your blog entry reminds me of this talk by Ehud Shapiro I saw recently where he expressed some similar ideas.

              Except the homomorphic encryption thing for account balances, which I agree with you is a must have in the future.

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                Thanks, I’ll give that talk a listen sometime.

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              Utterly useless and not what it was represented to be.

              “You don’t need JWT anymore! Just use our… cryptocurrency network…”

              It’s laughable, really.

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                A lot of people seem upset that this article is not specifically relevant to them, since it appears to be written for people who are building “Web3 DApps” (or merkle-trees in lobsters tag parlance) and the author realized that there’s no point in using JWT in that context. As someone who builds such things, I feel it’s an important realization for people who are getting into the space.

                If anyone wants to read more about the mentioned “Login with Ethereum” thing, the standard and working demo is here: https://login.xyz/ – it can be used with several dozen different wallets (not just MetaMask), including cross-device (mobile to desktop using WalletConnect), hardware wallets, and even Social Recovery Wallets. It’s pretty nifty.

                Not trying to get anyone to buy anything (yes, this can be used with an empty wallet). It’s just cool technology. If it’s not relevant to you then feel free to ignore. 🤷

                I’m not op but I’ve been building things in this space for a long time, happy to answer questions if you have any.

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                  “A simpler way to authenticate users”. It need less keystrokes to write code that handles authentication, so it is simpler.

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                    I’d say it was a classic conflation of simple vs. easy, but it doesn’t even sound easy

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                    My current day job is in “crypto”, after having worked the last decade in more traditional technology roles. And I have to say the degree of professionalism absent in this writeup is fairly par for the course in the industry.

                    It’s generally safe to stop reading any time you come across the word “web3”. Which is unfortunate, because a lot of the “web3” underpminnings have promise, but the people leading the charge are squandering the opportunity to serve the ideas well.