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An interesting look at the historical interaction of science, logic, and the limits of our knowledge.


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    A very long, in depth read, but as he says… “Brevity is for the weak “. :-)

    The TL;DR is basically the British navy…

    • having discovered the cure for Scurvy,
    • replaced it for imperial and cost cutting reasons,
    • with something that was called a “Lime”

    …but had no vitamin C

    But no one noticed because steam had made voyages faster….

    …and then polar expedition came along…

    and much Bad and Stupid happened greatly amplified by True British Grit and Endurance.

    I can so easily see this sort of thing happening again this era of Trump’ish anti-science mixed with vast amounts of marketing dollars.

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      Shit. “I have a theory that explains all the evidence” but not “I have a theory that is correct” is the story of my life.

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        This piece is EXTREMELY well written. Kept me glued to my screen for an hour, had me searching for pemmican and various other things. Very engaging, very fluid writing and a very engaging topic. My knowledge of Vitamin C and Scurvy is limited to what I was taught in school (which is a simplified linear tale going from lemons to Vitamin C) and so this was very educational as well as instructive in how, even employing “the scientific method” we may be led astray VERY badly.