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    Relatedly, I’ve ran qemu from a rescue disk, passing the hard drive from an installed system as a disk device. It’s a lovely way to poke at and debug a borked installation if you’re blind. I.E., if the TTS software doesn’t start when the installation is booted on bare metal, boot to rescue and boot the install under qemu in order to debug the boot process accessibly.

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      libguestfs is fairly useful for this, https://libguestfs.org/virt-p2v.1.html among other tools.

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        I used a similar solution to back-up a physical Windows installation and put it inside a VM. Since then I am using Linux all the time and when I need Windows (for conf calls and presentations) then I just spin up the Windows VM.

        I only remember that it took a bit of time to get Microsoft to activate it. But in the end, after I sent them a copy of the invoice and some photos to prove that I rightly purchased the computer with Windows, I had to let them on my windows machine remotely - they activated the machine.

        No need to reboot to Windows since then. Didn’t look back since!

        Maybe someone will find this useful.