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    If working with org and Hugo, don’t miss https://ox-hugo.scripter.co/

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      I honestly don’t understand why the author wants to move to a static site.

      The reasons stated are basically

      • different tech stack (Linux instead of *BSD)
      • slight incompatibility with org-mode files
      • maintenance overhead

      To me, these don’t sound like unsurmountable problems. One can run WP on a BSD. I’m sure there’s a plugin for WP that can handle org-mode files, and one of the main complaints I’ve read about Hugo and Jekyll is the maintenance problems they bring.

      The downsides seem to be

      • risk losing comments/ have to roll your own
      • RSS incompatibilities
      • a hell of a lot of work that can be put into actually blogging
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        I’ve recently moved from WP to Jekyll, but for different reasons than the OP. Ultimately it’s their decision what platform they use.

        I can understand the maintenance argument, not with regards to WP, but WRT the stack WP sits on top of. However, the only thing they’re removing by switching to Hugo is MySQL and PHP. Two less software packages to manage, I suppose.

        If maintenance is a problem, and they want to focus on writing, why self host at all? Why not go with something like Netlify or AWS Amplify?

        It’s fun to tinker though. 😊