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This is the live video, I believe they are working on an edited version that will be posted on youtube.


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    As a short resume for non francophones, the conference assembles three north american researchers, Yoshua Bengio, Yann Lecun and Joelle Pineau as they introduce certain ai techniques and certain of the possibilities and consequences of ai in the near future.

    My personal favorite was Joelle, as I found she did a good job of presenting the more immediate applications of ai (It was also cool to see that the field isnt only populated by men). Most of her work has been on applying ai to robotics, for example she’s been working on a self driving wheelchair.

    Unfortunately, the ‘animator’ was very disappointing, he took way too long with most of his questions and mostly led the discussion towards existential ai questions instead of the more practical concerns like the near-future effect on the job market or questions around certain techniques like deep learning (Data privacy being one issue the researchers seemed to be trying to talk about, though the animator did not pick them up on it).