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    Hey, it beats teamcity.

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      What’s wrong with TC? My own experience has always been pretty great, an experience I’ve had with most of their tools, and so I’m curious to hear other viewpoints.

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        To be fair, I had a bad experience with it but it was ~5 years ago and could easily be attributed to being green in the field. I just found it hard to understand and easy to accidentaly break things with it.

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      I’m using Azure DevOps in two situations, and it is okayish:

      1. At work the board + build + git are done with it.
        The UX is pretty weak as all the Single Page App fails are demonstrated in the UX, but I expect progress on this as it is a SaaS, it should be relatively simple for MS to continuously ship small UI improvements. Issues: broken navigation, automatic content refresh of the page is inconsitent, partial. Have to keep pressing F5 to reload every aspect of the reviwed code to have code changes, comments appear (sometimes works, sometimes partially. This is worse than not having the feature…).
        So the Review and task management UX is terrible, for me especially because of the broken SPA implementation.
      2. for a semi-private project I only use git + builds, and I’m mostly content with it.
        I need windows based build for legacy MFC stuff, and it was pretty easy to set up, and is cheap (free for my current usecase, but still cheap for larger build quotas).
        The containers based managed build environment worked out of the box and saves a lot of work and VM costs for me.

      So overall it works, but the UX is worse than the on-premise TFS we used earlier (as that was not this SPA crap, and mostly worked, had its quirks too).
      For windows based builds AzureDevops setup with build config in the git repo it was on par with simplicity, ease of use, and overall getting my shit done factor with GitLab, with which I’m also mostly content, and use for some Linux based builds.