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    I am often a dick, I am often difficult

    Turns out this matters more than you’d think.

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      It is very, very unlikely that he was rejected purely for a binary tree search issue. He says in the OP he had 7 interviews. When a hiring committee looks at the data from 7 interviews, a single bad interview isn’t enough to torpedo a whole application. Sometimes an interviewer and and interviewee just don’t jive. It might have been that he was just middling in the interviews, and middling is great for most companies.

      From all I’ve ever read on this topic, it seems to me that Howell thinks his previous record should have counted in the process, and that’s a legitimate feeling, but that’s not the way Google interviews. A good record gets you through the door, but once you’re in the interview room, interviewers barely look at the resume past some warmup questions or a “Hey cool, you did Homebrew? That’s wild! I use that all the time!” and then move on to the questions they are used to asking and calibrating their recommendations for. Personally, I am pretty glad that external record isn’t counted, I like that a fresh university graduate or someone who has been stuck working in a secret at a company that doesn’t produce exciting software has the same starting potential as Howell. But I get how that can burn.

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        We find experience can actually work against candidates; if the interviewer reads too deeply into a resume and well known projects on it they can set unrealistically high expectations on how they’ll do in the interview.

        Starting from a more or less blank slate is really the only fair way to do interviews in volume with lots of different interviewers.

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        This is a two cultures thing.

        In San Francisco there are many small companies where interesting product work and good taste count for so much relative to the fundamentals.

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          Max also talked about this a year ago on the changelog: https://changelog.com/podcast/232 .

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            Has anyone got a link to the tweet he was talking about?