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    Looks nice, I joined the waiting list.

    In addition to the tutorials, which I think will be a key factor for the success of this type of site, having some kind of premium plan with access to factory manuals would be awesome. I remember in my Audi and VW days, people were always asking on the forums for someone with access to a Bentley manual on CD to post screenshots of something they’re working on. I see the same thing now on the Lotus forums where people need an exploded diagram of something to figure out what part number to order.

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      Thanks man!

      My vision is to use crowd sourcing. So if you have a vehicle and want to add ‘oil change’ service Maintenr will give you an option to construct service data based on existing user data (if present).

      Obviously that’s a lot of work and requires good amount of traction. At the end of the day I would not want to charge regular user for anything (we both know parts and cars are already expensive as is).

      I don’t want to disclose too much but the big picture is to have certified ‘Maintenr’ shops that you can ‘check-in’ your vehicle to and share your maintenance history with them and let them add their own records to your vehicle.

      I think that would be awesome.

      P.S What Lotus forum do you speak of? I’m always interested in additional feedback!

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        http://lotustalk.com is the main one for Lotus owners in the US. There are a lot of how-tos in various threads on there, but it would be great to have a site like yours be able to consolidate all of that in one place. There are also some Lotus-specific sites like Sands that are go-tos for technical info.

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          Registered there, thanks!

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          I signed up too!

          It seems like crowdsourcing could be interesting if you’re aiming at DIYers - there’s always more than one way to do something and it often differs from the “factory manual” approach, especially when “special tools” are involved.

          One interesting idea also might be to ask how-to providers to annotate their “how-tos” with what special tools were called for and substitutes (if any).

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            Thanks for signing up and offering feedback!

            When you create a tutorial you can upload images and provide full (markdown supported) comment for each image, I assume if there is a special tool/replacement it would go in there?

            Correct me if I’m not understanding your idea right, thanks!

            P.S Sorry was going to reply earlier but got side tracked.