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    There was a time in my life where I worked and programmed real industrial robots for about a year. I loved it but I realized quickly that the real challenges are “further up in the pipeline in software”, so I changed my career path. Now it’s basically just a hobby for me and I tend to use the LEGO Minstorms kits.

    This post was absolutely refreshing to me, because it reminded me of the fact that you can sometimes build stuff cheaply without the neat platforms that I have around. I had almost forgotten that.

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      Spent a week or so on and off winging it and it’s alive. Tried to document everything fairly extensively while figuring out the circuitry, GPIO interactions, and so on.

      Raspberry Pi 4 came out partway through writing this post recently. Perhaps some of you have picked up various neat Rasp. Pi projects recently as well.

      Loosely inspired by this guide from around 2007.