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      Smartphones are replacing the PC

      I don’t agree with this. I would argue that many task are still better performed on a laptop or desktop computer. Smartphones have their role, every new thing doesn’t have to replace every old thing. The airplane didn’t replace the car.

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        The airplane didn’t replace the car.

        This is an excellent analogy.

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      Smartphones are replacing the PC, and if Android doesn’t become self-hosting we may be stuck with locked down iPhone derivatives in the next generation.

      That’s…. quite a statement. The main difference between mobile and PC/servers is that mobile is power constrained.

      I don’t necessarily buy the argument, but I love that someone finally did this.

      At one point in my life, I setup a mixed PoC environment, where I could code on my phone, but the code was hosted on a build server that I was remoted into, and could fetch and install the APK every recompile. Imo, this is still the best of both worlds since I don’t think even high-end mobile can out-perform machines with dedicated power supplies in terms of build time.

      This is still a really neat project tho

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        I think it’s hyperbole.

        Assume a phone/phablet that can be used in landscape mode while being plugged in to a powerbrick. Add Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Have network access and work “in the cloud”. People have actually been doing this. Yes, it’s rare, and people who want 8 fast cores to compile locally aren’t the target audience, but it’s possible already.

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          Yeah people do a lot of stuff but this doesn’t mean that’s an optimal way to do it.

          Add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, boom now you have three things to charge.

          Yeah you can work on the cloud, but have fun doing actual work on a 5 to 6 inches phone. Unless your job is doing tik toks or stuff like that.

          If you want to carry am external display… You might as well carry a laptop.

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            True, I’m not advocating this - but I do think we’re going in a direction where devices get smaller and people are able to do more. So “in the majority sense” this transition works.

            I just hate how people are declaring “the PC is dead” just because its use has plummeted to lower market share, and then people will rightfully disagree. Doesn’t change the fact that most people use smartphones and laptops and PCs are the minority now. And soon maybe laptops will join that group.