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      Tracing (rotoscoping?) the original artwork is a nice touch. It’s probably the closest one can get to the original game within the confines of an Apple II, but I’d be interested to see a demake in a more platform-appropriate style. The old adventure game The Hobbit managed to fit a lot of hi-res graphics onto a single disk by storing them as vectors and rasterising them (slowly) at run-time, which I think would suit Myst well.

      I once started a Myst demake as a text adventure; I didn’t get very far, but I still love the idea of Myst demakes.

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        Given my username, I hope you understand how jealous I am that you managed to snag zork.net. :)

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          Actually, it belongs to a friend, but yeah, it’s pretty great. :)

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      I love this. That said, I think the idea would be better served by a less faithful translation. The graphics are so confusing, with their attempt to capture as much detail from the original as possible. The areas need to be rethought to make them visually parseable under such intense graphical constraints.