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    Was confused by the title until I realized this isn’t relevant to 99.9% of Rust users, this is just for people working on the language itself.

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      Yes, rust bootstrapping story is more complicated that needs to be, wrote a similar thing a while ago in https://matklad.github.io/2020/09/12/rust-in-2021.html#Compiling-the-Compiler.

      Compiler is just a string-manipulation program, there’s nothing inherently magical about it. Just gh clone rust-lang/rust && cd rust && cargo run —bin rustc could work. Heck, it could even be go build :)

      Rustc is made magical though by the fact that it requires standard library from the repo itself.

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        Does anybody know of specific things that would require, for example, GHC to pin to exactly one version of GHC for compiling certain code?

        I get that compiler versions do change things, but I am having a hard time imagining things where source code semantics will change enough to where this is an issue. Unless the statement is more that “Version X of GHC requires Version Y of GHC, and compiling with other versions might work but are unsupported”