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    I am wondering if Go vet would have caught this, it’s supposed to. If it didn’t can you file an issue?

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      WTF? You have to sign in to read medium articles now? Do they think this will make me read more articles? Sigh, another domain for the shit list.

      (Nobody else complaining out of politeness? Or you all signed up already? Or did I just win the A/B lottery?)

      (So it seems to come and go. When I’m “lucky”, it says “you’ve already read one article this month. Sign in to read more. Sign in with Google. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in…” but there’s no way to avoid signing in. Switch browsers, no popup.)

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        I’m for this change, it will make it much easier to not read Medium.

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          I’m not signed in, but I remember that Medium bugged be once to log in. I do believe that I had the option to choose “go away and don’t bug me again”.

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            It doesn’t ask me to sign in (Safari on iPhone), FWIW.

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              Works for me on mobile

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                I’m on desktop Edge. It’s not asking me to sign in. Perhaps it knows you have an account? Try clearing your cookies.

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                Having read the article now…

                Another approach that would work well, at least in this case, is to keep a FIFO of requests, and kill off the old ones when the total count grows too large. I do this in cases where you want a timeout to remove dead connections, but when push comes to shove, you don’t really want a ton of slow connections jamming up the works either.