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    30 Hour Jobs job 30hourjobs.com

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    I am very excited to see this! But also a little pessimistic: I have personally collected a short list of companies that offer 30 hour workweeks, but it’s sadly a very small number. So I’m guessing there’ll be an imbalance between employees interested and employers who want to hire people.

    The alternative is to convince someone to make an exception for you, which is what I have done (and for a while @pushcx too I believe?). The easiest place to do that is at your current job: https://codewithoutrules.com/2019/01/25/4-day-workweek-easy-way/

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      I’ve had 35 hour weeks for several years running without anyone batting an eye at $CURRENT_JOB. Unfortunately I’m back up to 40 currently but it’s not much of a change to be honest.

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        I am currently working a 30 hour week, I negotiated it with the company during the recruitment phase, and later extended the arrangement.

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        Never signed up for something so fast ever. Hope this isn’t a honeypot for figuring out who in tech is lazy has a life.

        Don’t let me down, @nbrempel :)

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          This is a new idea but it seems to be very popular.

          I’ll be curating 30 Hour Jobs on a regular basis to send to the list ☺️

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          Subscribed. The only way to find out if this is a real service or just collecting email addresses.

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            Thanks for signing up!

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              Aha !!! :)

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              add a +something when you sign up and see if you start getting spam to that address later :-P

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                Assuming they are using a mail server which supports that.

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