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    Julia Evan’s zine? http://jvns.ca/ is quickly becoming one of my favorite software blogs. Her insights are really great, I love the pragmatism, she’s clever, and it’s fun to read! Highly recommend.

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      These are indeed some very good questions – it’s refreshing to read an article that raises questions instead of trying to explain some popular technology.

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        Wow, I am bookmarking this article for later reference. This is exactly where my mind goes, and what questions I ask, when I gaze at the current container ecosystem from 100 meters away, and squint at it to try and pick out any details. A big a collection of non-judgmental questions, both high-level and low-level, couched with acknowledgement of my own lack of awareness.

        Containers, as a technology, the motivations for, and technological underpinnings of? Got it.

        The ecosystem of tools, best practices of use, and real impact on my day-to-day? Many questions.

        And for now, an acceptable solution (for me) is to throw as much money as I can at people like Heroku to keep the entire thing 100 meters away and not deal with it.