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What real words are actually valid CSS HEX colors?


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    It bothers me in a fundamental way that #c0ffee isn’t brown.

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      If you reorder the color components to be blue, red, green, the result is a creamy brown.

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        You could always do something like

        $ egrep ‘^[0-9a-foi]{6}$’ /usr/share/dict/words | sed ‘s/o/0/g;s/i/1/g’

        (with ‘o’ and ‘i’ being substitutions, add any others you want)

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          when I worked for a small startup, we went through a phase of adding a c0ffee-coloured element to all our web pages as a sort of easter egg. (“sort of” because it was more for our own amusement than for any expectation of discovery)

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            A colleague has just suggested #b00b00 looks like a good colour to highlight issues in code reviews.

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            Really cool, I like the colour of #c0ffee too.