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    I guess you don’t remember posting this[0] less than 24 hours ago?

    [0] https://lobste.rs/s/xum1ut/mongodb_stitch_your_backend_delivered_as

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      Speaking of which, how did people do, for example, image thumbnailing back then? Well, we all did the same thing: we installed ImageMagick on a bunch of servers and wrote some wrapper code. Of course, no-one would dream of doing that today. Today there are services for that sort of thing!

      I know this is a marketing article for a cloud service, and so I really shouldn’t take it so seriously, but, seriously. I would and did dream of doing exactly that, just 2 years ago - and having seen how our costs are predictable and reasonable, based on the CPU and bandwidth usage calculations I did, in comparison with cloud-based image-slice-and-dice service costs mounting up on what often seem like crazy slopes on other people’s apps and sites, I’m glad I did, because now I’m not locked in to some arbitrarily-increasing monthly cost for my comparatively straightforward usage of a bunch of (to me) mostly-unnecessary functionality. I know it’s just marketing spiel, but still, it does bug me when people confidently assert unproven yet fashionable opinions as facts, mostly because I know that loads of other people out there will take them as read and throw money at the first people. I guess the lesson to be learned is that I should make my own cloud-based image-slice-and-dice service and make tons of money off the second people.

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        I set up my own instances of (eg) thumbor for this, because imagemagick plus untrusted input is a bad security posture.

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          Fair point - keeping up with the mitigations is work that I wouldn’t have to be doing with a cloud service, ImageTragick being the obvious one, though the mitigation was fairly straightforward for that. Thumbor is interesting, didn’t know about that, thanks!