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      Especially if you’re doing it for fun there is nothing wrong with being bad at something and doing it for the pure enjoyment of it. “Doing it better” is not an inherently positive thing.

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        It is a matter of striking a right balance.

        Learning existing tools better whilst also being open to new alternatives.

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      Mastering a tool requires constant use of the tool and observation of how others use the tool. Mastering the practice necessitating the use of a tool requires some devotion to studying other tools. Finding a balance between the two is wisdom.

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      (author of the post here) - great comments from everyone. The important thing to emphasise is that with a phrase like “do less and do it better”, we all have our own interpretations that make sense to us, and that’s a good thing. Here’s an example: Samir, who uttered the phrase, had a different perspective on what it meant for him.

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      There’s a lot of value in being “T” shaped

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        My impression of the “T” was that you were supposed to be well above average for a wide range of skills, and exceptionally good at your speciality. In games, we would call such characters “overpowered”.

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          I’d always seen it stated as “familiar” with a wide range of skills, but I’ve little doubt there are organizations looking for that shape of person.