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      YouTube for they who find it more convenient: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbDebSinSQo

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      I always like to point people to “Worse is Better” and this fantastic quote:

      Half the computers that exist at any point are worse than median (smaller or slower). Unix and C work fine on them. The worse-is-better philosophy means that implementation simplicity has highest priority, which means Unix and C are easy to port on such machines. Therefore, one expects that if the 50% functionality Unix and C support is satisfactory, they will start to appear everywhere. And they have, haven’t they?

      Unix and C are the ultimate computer viruses.


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        And these days, the Worse Is Better language/runtime is Javascript, a high-level, interpreted language with a dynamic type system and a garbage-collected runtime. By The Received Wisdom, that language should be dog-slow on everything and, maybe, tolerable on fuck-off expensive workstations. That language should be impossible to optimize and, definitely, an impossible language to use as a compilation target, because slow plus slow equals SNAIL.

        How the world turns.

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          JS only works because of enormous advances in hardware and JIT compilation.

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      Is there an article here? The links all go to audio or video side channels…