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PDF: https://cdn.coverstand.com/33057/690210/7651a541ba5cbe976f236e6e5d0d20d89a861b33.3.pdf

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    I’m really impressed with how well documented the git transition is, but I keep seeing ‘the project does not use submodules because this does not map to our workflow’ or variations thereof. Git submodules are exactly designed for how the FreeBSD project handles things in the vendor tree. They let you carry a clone of the upstream repo that has your patches applied and let users do a depth-1 clone of that repo by default so no clone of the FreeBSD repo would include anything other than the latest versions (for example, a local clone of the FreeBSD history wouldn’t need to contain all of the prior versions of LLVM that had shipped with any FreeBSD version.

    Any other solution is going to end up being a bespoke reimplementation of submodules and not benefit from any of the tooling that has been built on top of submodules.

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      I wish it was easier to just download a PDF File. It seems I can never remember the clicks required and have to figure it out all over again every time.

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        I forgot to add direct PDF link. Fixed.

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          Thanks! I’d rather the page linked would just include links for the PDF file. The coverstand stuff is just annoying.

          Though perhaps I’m the only one with this issue. I remember looking once and couldn’t find the source for that page in a repo anywhere, so I couldn’t even try to send a patch.

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            I would also like to see direct PDF link on their page instead of the ‘something in between acting like a PDF’ with direct PDF link there … but I suspect its from the times when Firefox did not had integrated PDF viewer.