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    It’s remarkable how no one can seem to replicate the success of Bitcoin, despite everything we’ve learned from Bitcoin’s growing pains over the years. It’s not just dumb (bad) luck; everyone, from Ripple to Ethereum to R3, has made really dumb decisions that killed their product.

    It seems to me that the single largest flaw in all of these Bitcoin rip-offs (to be blunt) is that everyone wants to run them like a startup. They want to get their slice of the pie, so they attach a company to it and structure the opening of the cryptocurrency as some sort of pre-mine IPO, or they give themselves centralized minting powers, or whatever.

    Bitcoin works, in part, because Satoshi Nakamoto had no special power over the network, had no unfair advantages when it came to mining (he started at the same time as other cypherpunks; it was a public release), and didn’t present the legal or political attack surface that a real person or company does.

    Nakamoto is, as far as anyone can tell, dead, but it doesn’t matter; Bitcoin was designed from day 1 to work without anyone in the driver’s seat. That’s something none of these alt-coins or blockchain buzz-products seem to understand.

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      I’d recommend looking at Kadena (http://kadena.io) or Quorum (https://www.jpmorgan.com/country/US/en/Quorum) - these seem to be the only blockchain like or private distributed ledger systems that are actually in widespread production use.