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    I think I appreciate the idea behind this, but have a few things that poke my pet peeves a little.

    • “Cyber” doesn’t really imply “security”. As someone working in the industry, I tend to lean towards the opposite. So having “Cyber” in the site/domain name, but nothing related to security, or “infosec” or similar, strikes me as a bit odd.
    • Also, the Cyber prefix was heavily overused, long ago, so it’s got a cliche negativity to it for many. Cyber-this, cyber that, cyber-cyber-cyber-cyber. I would leave it out entirely.
    • The site says that it aggregates from multiple sources, but doesn’t say which, or how it does its filtering from whatever it does get. If I was looking for a job, I might want this kind of information, so that I could know where not to look (because it’s here), or where to look because I think the aggregation process is too limiting.
    • Also, while I’m not a designer, I do like to be able to read what’s on the screen. There seems to be a school of design that uses flyspeck print on huge expanses of non-content. While I have another monitor, I’m most often reading on a fairly large laptop screen, at arm’s length; who assumes I’m inspecting a huge monitor via a jeweler’s loupe?
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      Good points. The “cyber”-term is a tricky one, indeed.