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    The summary text which Lobsters scraped pretty much sums up what is wrong with single page web apps:

    Oops! It appears you’re using an unsupported browser. Old browsers can put your security at risk, are slow and are not compatible with the Google Fiber website. To continue browsing our site, you’ll need to update to a modern

    Edit: That and the fact that the Check your address form seems to be completely broken. Apologies for the super-negative tone but this sort of thing is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception.

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      Very little attention is paid, it seems, to accessibility. More and more we have sites that are usable only in a months-old browser version on a whiz-bang internet connection. It has somehow become okay to require users to download the bulk of your application to their local machine and then do the rendering work themselves. Sure, it’s great if you’re running a server and don’t want to do any real work there, but it’s a bad deal for the users, who see their bandwidth eaten alive and their CPU running hot to render a news site and all the attendant ads. And if you’re on a screen reader or using any assistive technology, good luck. Hopefully we haven’t cluelessly broken everything in a quest to make our website into an “app” (whatever the heck that means). Seriously, whatever happened to KISS? Start with some basic HTML (using the niceties of the HTML5 spec with some ARIA roles. They’ve been around long enough now), make it pretty with some CSS (avoiding non-hardware-accelerated animations), and then add some JS for fun and flavor. It is not that hard. If things are too slow, cache smartly and setup a CDN. Unless you’re getting huge traffic, you don’t need more.

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        Very little attention is paid, it seems, to accessibility.

        Do you mean in this case or in general?

        Angular 1 has supports for accessibility. Are you saying that it is not good?

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          Very little attention is paid, it seems, to accessibility.

          Word. Particularly apposite, given the classic Yegge post currently sharing the front page.

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          what browser are you using?

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            If you have the feature turned on, Lobsters will show you the first sentence or two of the linked page. In this case, the text that Lobsters found was the default “hey, you don’t support javascript, or your browser is too old.”

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              Did not know about the preview function. Thanks!