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There’s also a website about the format, including implementations and other things, at http://cbor.io/.


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    CBOR is, to me, an interesting alternative to using JSON for a variety of reasons:

    • It allows for better representations of numbers.
    • It is extensible through tags.
    • It supports indefinite lengths for some data types like arrays, maps and strings.
    • It values conciseness, not just in the encoded format but for the encoder / decoder as well.

    The RFC also has a good comparison to other encoding formats.

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      I have been reading up quite a bit on this field for awhile now… and the striking thing is the huge array of competing formats.

      I’m reminded of the quote, “If a disease has many treatments… it has no cure.”

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      I’ve just finished reading that RFC and the format is a blessing. The only sad thing is that it won’t replace old formats. For example dbus (with it’s own encoding that has distinct types for int{8,16,32,64} and libvirt (mis-using XDR) would benefit from it greatly.