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    btw there’s an app that I don’t see on this list: How might I go about finding a community of people that want to work together building a federated version?

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      My guess would be to look for interested people on mastodon, since it’s currently the de-facto “center” of the fediverse, and there are plenty of tech-savy/developers on there.

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        I mean, all the microblogging AP servers can talk to each other, doesn’t really matter which one you use to explore the fediverse.

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        For now, Mastodon. But this is a project in itself that someone can take on!

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          a federated version of what?

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          nice. I wonder if there’s a way to make one account that I can use on all of them.

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            Ehh, as far as I understand, that’s not the point. All these apps are the source code between instances, and instances federate + offering per-instance identities. Accounts can then use the instance federation to talk between one-another.

            And in the same way as you don’t have a mastodon account that’s valid on all instances, so you can’t have a “fediverse account” that’s valid over all “fediverse apps”.