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You know the drill: share what you’ve been working on, hobby or work related. Don’t be shy!

Myself? I didn’t like most music players on Windows for a variety of reasons, (there’s a few Unix ones I’m fine with, and unsure about Macs) so I wrote my own. It looks like this.


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    Working on Tulip Charts. Hope to have it ready to release an alpha very soon.

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      For work, still time-crunchy for the whole week with a side of wtf.

      For not-work, I’ve been adding patches to my JKL thing still, I learned a bit about awk so that I could compute a tab-separated time-sheet down to the total amount of hours. Surprisingly easy, I wanna learn more about those tools.

      I also distro-hopped to Void Linux on my personal laptop and installed Rio as a window manager because I wanna learn more about Plan9 stuffs. THE POWER OF 9P COMPELS ME.

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        I had a fit of apostasy and moved all my personal data over from OS X to Windows. I will run WSL+NixOS for my POSIXy work requirements and live in Windows from now on. We’re also moving on Wednesday, so while I am happy that we’re moving from 50/5Mbs DSL to 1000/50Mbs cable, and the new apartment is gorgeous, moving week is always horrible. Sigh.

        For work, we got access to Postgres flavored Amazon Aurora so I’m moving some stuff over from Redshift (that didn’t really belong in Redshift) so we can take advantage of e.g. constraints! And indices! I’ve also been on call for the last two weeks, and it’s actually been really enlightening, seeing what parts of the system blow up when and how. I wouldn’t want to do devops for love nor money, but being siloed as nothing but an SE has been limiting for me in the past.

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          Three weeks ago I had to prepare a presentation, in the end I decided on doing it in english since that’s what most seemed to prefer, to my surprise (previous discussion). It went over well and I am happy with the outcome.

          Now I am waiting on my contract for my internship that I need to do before I can start writing my Bachelor’s thesis. I am pretty excited about it, but that means that I have to move for about three to six months and that might make it hard to secure a flat or a spot in a shared flat.

          On a more personal note, I set up mu4e together with mbsync. I do password management through gpg and can send mails asynchronously with the help of smtpmail-async.el. So far I really like it. The only thing that I am struggeling with is openvpn and that I have to run the daemon as root, but I already had that problem before, so that’s not really a fault of my new setup.

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            At work - bugs bugs bugs.

            For fun, I had started looking at hackerrank and doing some of the algorithms questions there. Sharpen my mind while I’m just fixing stuff at work!

            Started reading ‘The Apollo Guidance Computer’ - very cool book which describes from basic principles of the hardware up on every aspect of the title of the book :) Really interesting read about the difficulties they had building the computer and how they deal with those difficulties.

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              I’m working on a legacy Perl application (first time in this language, so check that goal off the list, too) for the ca$hflow.

              Growing PB&Jealous Club into a nice little side hustle, broaching the subscriber milestones now. Woke up today (on my birthday nonetheless) to discover we’d been featured on the Cratejoy Editor’s Pick email list!

              SaaS I’m building is starting to come into shape. Have spent two weeks writing documentation and mocking the API, sketching designs and deciding on features to build for a MVP. Next week or so starts code.

              Reading: Working Effectively With Legacy Code (lol), Pragmatic Programmer, Clean Code. Listening to: Ready Player One, How To Win Friends and Influence People, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, and 1Q84.

              It’s also pick-and-pack week for PBJ which means manual entrepreneurship. :)

              Trying to be a beacon of optimism in an ever pessimistic world. Scary things happening, and a lot of people feel powerless and disenfranchised. Be safe, be aware. You’re loved.

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                I currently working on an Elixir project ; my main goal is to make a proof of concept of an old idea I have and learn the language. I have to say, I really enjoy writing Elixir code! I only have two concerns: the lack of static typing (I mostly write Coq and Haskell code, so that is quite a change for me) and the boilerplate code I have to write (e.g. for GenServer, the API/Server code).

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                  Try out type annotations via @type and Dialixir/Dialyzer. That may help.

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                    Actually I cannot. I have a strange error when Dialyzer try to build/get the dialyxir_erlang-19.2.plt ):

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                      Mind pasting it here?

                      I had a dependency on jsx through coveralls and that was causing problems (hopefully fixed in newer releases).

                      1. 1


                        Checking PLT...
                        [:compiler, :core, :ecs, :elixir, :engine, :foundation, :kernel, :logger,
                         :stdlib, :uuid]
                        Finding suitable PLTs
                        Looking up modules in dialyxir_erlang-19.2_elixir-1.4.0_deps-dev.plt
                        Looking up modules in dialyxir_erlang-19.2_elixir-1.4.0.plt
                        Looking up modules in dialyxir_erlang-19.2.plt
                        Finding applications for dialyxir_erlang-19.2.plt
                        Finding modules for dialyxir_erlang-19.2.plt
                        Creating dialyxir_erlang-19.2.plt
                        ** (throw) {:dialyzer_error, [67, 111, 117, 108, 100, 32, 110, 111, 116, 32, 103, 101, 116, 32, 97, 98, 115, 116, 114, 97, 99, 116, 32, 99, 111, 100, 101, 32, 102, 111, 114, 32, 102, 105, 108, 101, 58, 32, '/usr/lib/erlang/lib/erts-8.2/ebin/erlang.beam', 32, 40, 112, 108, 101, 97, 115, 101, 32, 114, ...]}
                            dialyzer_plt.erl:469: :dialyzer_plt.compute_md5_from_file/1
                            dialyzer_plt.erl:458: :dialyzer_plt."-compute_md5_from_files/1-lc$^0/1-0-"/1
                            dialyzer_plt.erl:458: :dialyzer_plt."-compute_md5_from_files/1-lc$^0/1-0-"/1
                            dialyzer_plt.erl:458: :dialyzer_plt.compute_md5_from_files/1
                            dialyzer_cl.erl:74: :dialyzer_cl.build_plt/1
                            dialyzer.erl:167: :dialyzer.run/1
                            lib/dialyxir/plt.ex:148: Dialyxir.Plt.plt_new/1
                            lib/dialyxir/plt.ex:120: Dialyxir.Plt.check_beams/4
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                  Also working on a pet project of mine, an Interpreter in Elixir: https://github.com/fabrik42/writing_an_interpreter_in_elixir

                  I’m still learning the language and hope some people will see it and teach me a trick or two :)

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                    • Taking my 2017 goals and breaking them down into a series of kick-start tasks and supporting habits, then setting up a series of reminders to keep the habits going.
                      • Hopefully this means I’ll be getting more writing done in the near future. :-)
                    • Prepping for a trip into the company office next week. (I work remotely.)
                    • Prototyping the UI for a new feature at work
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                      Generating website traffic to drive data for an ML system I’m building. Did you know simulating users is a pain in the ass? Everything is designed for testing UIs. I had to build my own Markov state machine thing and user modelling.

                      Anyone aware of any good frameworks? Should I release mine when it’s done? It’s a node.js thing.

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                        I’ve been putting little bits of time into my stack based scripting language, PISC. Most recently, I’ve added the ability to use a dictionary as a special lookup for executing words prepended with @, to make scoped I/O a little more natural, and allow for more easily using a dictionary as a sort of module-like thing.

                        A small example:

                        0 :i #Set i to 0
                        "count.txt" [ 
                            # $i puts the value of i on stack
                            10 [ $i @write-line ++i ] times
                        ] with-output
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                          I’m doing a bit more dabbling in writing emulators

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                            What kind of emulators?

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                            Try to figure out why saucelabs is so freaking hard to integrate end-to-end tests with on one of my pet projects. Almost every google-able page for “protractor and saucelabs” is a 404’d page on saucelabs own site :/

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                              Not really in the technical realm at all, so perhaps the odd duck out here. I’m working on a pitch for a series of ebooks on serverless topics (queue: “what does serverless even mean” or “FaaS is more accurate”).

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                                For school:

                                • I’m working on my first project for a Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms class. I’m building a system in Java to examine the the Big-Theta of merge sort (both recursive and iterative methods).
                                • For my Computer Graphics class, I’ll be writing a Java program to create an animated scene with JOGL.

                                If that weren’t enough, I’m also working on beefing up my resume for landing a software developer job so I’m learning Spring and Hibernate.

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                                  Wrapping up a batch of layout fixes for the Haskell Book, getting hardcover proofs of it this week.

                                  More storefront work for Lore Pub which is now TLS’d and has an A+ Qualys rating. Learned some things about intermediate certs and cert chaining in the process.

                                  Probably more work on a card game with a friend.

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                                    Working on a pet project to teach myself Cycle.js as well as the ins and outs of programming in OCaml+BuckleScript. Also using this pet project to explore a new design for threaded conversations.

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                                      Writing some documentation for the IoT Espresso machine I worked on last week. Also, trying to finish my school project (an online exam app).

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                                        I’m helping a client debug a super weird bug that destroys their entire cluster of erlang servers in about 10 minutes, but only happens when they move their servers to better (i.e. More powerful) machines.

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                                          I’m taking a break from scheme to try out common lisp for my needs, and it makes me very sad.

                                          BUT DUDE. Common Lisp really ain’t that bad. ASDF seemed like a bear.. but actually was fairly sensible. I disklike the quicklisp method of managing project dependencies, but it’s ok! My project can be quicklisp compatible, and I can manage my projects another way.

                                          Really appreciating the work the common lisp community has done in the last 5-ish years when I last poked around.

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                                            I’ll change job in a month, then I’m study to be ready for the new job.

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                                              Adding a new big feature at work, Haskell book, reading lots of history and art history books. Haven’t felt like coding (outside of Haskell book) outside of work for weeks.