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    I need to get better at looking at this among the first things that could be wrong, not the last.

    I had a bug the other day where I’d do (set! lis '("\n")) (print lis) right next to each other in a let body, and the print would print out the old lis, not the newly set '("\n"). I wasted hours trying to figure out what as wrong with my code. That’s just one example of like four lately.

    So I need to start thinking that it’s equally likely that it’s upstream as it’s me. I’m in, as this poster calls it, footgun land. Thinking that it’s only upstream that can be wrong would be a bad strategy. But wasting hours and hours in the “reverse Dunning-Kruger” mentality that it has to be me isn’t panning out either. I’m gonna approach debugging just systematically, without that hangup. Just looking for the bug wherever it might be.