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        I tried opening the original Twitter link in a non-logged-in window and was able to read it with no difficulty.

        Twitter’s log-in modal is optional and you can simply dismiss it and keep reading.

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          When I dismissed it, Twitter redirected me to their homepage. When I clicked the link again it did the same thing. Safari on a patched up Mac.

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            This happens if you look at too many tweets without logging in. I avoid it by using the Nitter extension that redirects me to a Nitter instance when a Twitter link is detected.

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            Might be you’re being A/B tested. The default behavior as far as I’m aware is to allow you to dismiss the modal and remain where you are.

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              I think they recently changed this, I too got a non-dimissable login popup a few days ago.

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      Kinda interestingly, at former $JOB we had a coding interview set up in repl.it. One day they moved over to Nix as the way to set things up.

      We used to have a simple pip install -r requirements.txt flow. That got switched over to nix packages python39Package.blah. But the kinda shocking thing was how there really was no simple way to do version pinning absent pulling in all the packages ourselves.

      I believe that they talk about having a … globally consistent repository state, and not having a billion different versions of packages everywhere. But I really do wish there would be a practical consideration for how people tend to work with language packages (especially in Python).

      If you have 30 Python dependencies, asking people to just upgrade all of them at once through channel switching is very unreasonable. Especially when the version of Django I’m using is completely orthogonal to the version of, like, zsh I’m using.

      I have seen descriptions of how to pull in packages manually, and I have to play with that more, but I do hope to one day figure out the “trick” to allow for easier Nix adoption for languages like Python that sorely need what Nix has to offer.

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        You can use tools like https://github.com/nix-community/poetry2nix to convert your pinned python dependencies to nix and use that instead of just pulling from nixpkgs.

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        Related to what meain said, https://github.com/DavHau/Mach-nix can do this with a requirements.txt file.

        But, you are correctly identifying a sharp corner. The ~distro model is okay for general use, but not so great for dev. (and it takes extra work, within nix, to fix this).