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we wanna be cool like other BSDs. openbsd and freebsd have their own tags.


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    Wouldnt unifying them all in a bsd tag be better?

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      I personally prefer them being separated. I’m not that interested in FreeBSD or NetBSD news to go through them when I want to check if something interesting appeared for OpenBSD.

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        I agree. There is no ubuntu nor an archlinux tag either.

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          Archlinux and Ubuntu share the same kernel, most of the user land and are generally the same operating system. FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD are 3 completely different operating systems. With different kernels, user land implementations and third party ports systems.

          Your suggestion is the same as killing the Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD tag because we already have a Unix tag.

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            You make a good point, I hadnt seen it like that.

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            I mostly use Ubuntu and Mac OS X, but I’m going to concur with Mulander here. There’s just not that much overlap in shared interests between the BSDs. You could argue for there not being a PC-BSD tag when there’s a FreeBSD tag under that criteria though.

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            Don’t forget to go back and suggest the netbsd tag for relevant stories!

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              I did a quick add to all stories with netbsd in the title, so that should cover most of them.