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We’ve started building a comparison chart for Quadcopters and would appreciate feedback! Only just started but I’d ask for feedback to make sure it’s going in a good direction.


The goal is to be a really simple chart of popular drones and specs that can be sorted/filtered/linked to to help you quickly see which drones might suit your needs. It won’t include reviews or other subjective content, just facts/specs/etc. (and no prices, because they fluctuate too much). In the future it might do drone vs drone comparisons but for now it’s going to just be a filterable/sortable table.

All filters persist in the URL so you can easily share links, eg for drones with GPS and gimbals, the link looks like this:


You can also click the Share icon next to a drone to highlight it and move it to the top - this also goes into the URL so you can send someone a filtered list with a highlighted recommendation. Eg., a GPS-equipped list with the Mavic Pro highlighted is like this:


All of this is generated (sadly not in realtime) from a public Google Doc (there’s a button at the bottom of the page):


Although editing the doc is restricted to us, anyone can add comments. This means the community can help fill in the blanks or correct things with comments, and we will frequently review the comments and update the real data.

All feedback is very much welcome! What things you think should filterable? What columns are missing? What columns are useless fluff? Should we exclude really cheap toys? Flags are intended to show where the drones are available to purchase (we’re only adding US/UK for now) but if it turns out 99% are available in both, we might just ditch them (there’s a filter to go with it, but it’s hidden while the data isn’t fully populated).

We’ll continue working through populating more data over the coming days; apparently there are a lot of quadcopters out there! ;)

Note! The site does include affiliate links/banners (but fairly minimal, we detest ad-heavy pages as much as the next guy). I’d really love to upgrade my Syma X5HC to a Phantom 3 Standard so I hope this might help towards that in addition to being a useful tool for others.