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Follow up of this post (lobste.rs link)


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    As neat as this, more than anything I think, it demonstrates people are more often than not stuck in their ways. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory fashion.

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      And how when you’re taking screenshots of the same interface: monitor. keyboard. mouse. files. folders.. the result is gonna look pretty close to the same thing.

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        I’m gonna stick with vim for the rest of my life, even if it means I have to tear down walls and burn bridges to prove that it’s truly the best and most productive text editor in the world. The only person I’m willing to negotiate a truce with is an emacs user.

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        surprised not to see more people using tiling window managers - they seem perfect for the lots-of-terminals use case

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          Terminals should be 80×24 characters, like God intended.

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            I still don’t understand why people open new terminals rather than use a terminal multiplexer.

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              Window manager and terminal multiplexer serve the same general purpose as far as UI goes (that is, managing multiple terminal sessions in a reasonable manner). Since you’ll almost certainly be using a window manager anyway these days because the web has become an indispensable resource, you might as well consolidate the set of interfaces you need to familiarize yourself with.

              (Of course, terminal multiplexers have the additional functionality of session persistence, that terminal emulators obviously don’t fulfill. But the amount of interface you need to remember to use that functionality, as opposed to all the screen management stuff, is very limited and not redundant to anything else.)

              As far as resource consumption goes, each terminal emulator I open uses approximately 0.1% of my available RAM and negligible CPU, so I’m not worried about it.

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                Terminal multiplexers make the most sense if your window manager sucks, or your terminals are on a remote host. I’ve found them most useful on old dumb terms and on OSX. On linux my terminal emulator is sane, my window manager has good defaults and can be easily customized and I can do actual work locally.

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              How far we’ve… come?

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                It hasn’t changed noticeably since 1973 and the Xerox Alto…