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See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E._O._Wilson


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    if anybody intrigued by ants / distributed intelligence wanted to try their hand at writing a javascript AI for an ant colony, check out http://hivega.me/ :) complete with arbitrary json pheromones! and please do share any AIs you write, it’s fun to match up against each other.

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      Desert ant navigation and bee navigation is fascinating! The wilson link is awesome, and do take a look at the original papers by Wehner



      Also, bees use an optical flow odometer!

      Basically, if you are interested in robots, you should definitely look into insect vision, navigation and behavior work for inspiration how how to build simple, robust circuits that are not general processors, but do very well in niche environments.

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          I love JEB and I also love Animal Behavior. A search for the keyword “navigation” will have you a nice stack of reading.

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        consider the cogsci tag

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          Great suggestion. Can no longer edit.