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    This is a sort-of reaction to the article I saw posted earlier about how to send SMS without signing up for something like Twilio. It’s great if you’re using it for personal use, but here’s why you should never use it in production - even though there are companies who do.

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      If you’re outside the USA, I have no idea what the email to SMS gateway situation is. It might not be supported at all internationally, so applications using these gateways are even less accessible.

      From my experience in Germany and Austria and from some research, I don’t think that we have this kind of system. At least I never had to select my carrier from a dropdown. On the other hand, I have to admit that I do not remember many Europe-based web pages that send SMS to a number you had to enter in a web form.

      A collection of what I found and remember from a guy in the other thread, but maybe more possibilities exist in each country:

      • Germany: It seems to be possible to receive e-mails as SMS on your personal mobile number. For this you need to enable this feature for your mobile number. https://www.prepaid-wiki.de/index.php5?title=SMS_an_E-Mail (this would be exactly the use case you propose)
      • Netherlands: According to somebody in the other thread the same system as in Germany exists in the Netherlands
      • Austria: To my understanding the biggest telephone provider offers an e-mail plan to business customers that has Mail2SMS as a service included. However, I am not 100% sure, because the description is quite short. It seems to work as all the SaaS Mail2SMS services. You send a mail to [number]@example.com (with example.com being their Mail2SMS service domain) and they will forward it into the SMS network and to my understanding also forward it to other carriers).
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        I’ve used Mollie’s (now defunct) email-to-SMS gateway in the past (about 10 years ago) and it didn’t require you to know the carrier. This is in the Netherlands.

        I find it confusing anyway: it seems to me that carriers must know with which carrier a number is registered in order to exchange SMS messages between subscribers of different carriers, so why can’t such a gateway also know this?

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          In NL this service is provided by GIN. By default it allows for 20 messages per month to be sent.

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          I used to have a special email address that would forward to sms for my own purpose; it was pretty useful when I was The IT Department And Also Software Development Department at a small business.