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    Given this project is paused, if someone is interested in the functionality and implementation of POSIX core utilities they might be interested in our suckless implementation of many of them, called sbase. You can find the package of unportable Linux-centric utilities in our ubase project.

    We kept them very minimal and must note that one motivation for it was the horrible complexity of and lacking UTF-8-support by the GNU coreutils. Probably due to its easy portability, sbase is, among other things, used in Google Fuchsia.

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      Very cool – have you done any experiments with replacing GNU commands with them? For example, is it possible to run scripts to bootstrap Linux distros with these instead of coreutils?

      I’m pretty sure busybox can do this? It implements many GNU options, but without the the long option syntax, I believe. The testing process is based on running many real scripts.

      I did this with Oil here: Success with Aboriginal, Alpine, and Debian (using default coreutils, which is often GNU)

      I would like bundle Oil for containers with some small utilities. I guess the obvious thing would be to use busybox, but I like how you separated it into sbase and ubase. I worked on the toybox project for awhile, but I didn’t agree with its overall goals and coding style.

      I agree the quality of the GNU code is fairly bad.

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      I like the diagrams on these pages. Does anyone recognize the tool? I guess it’s possible they’re simply hand-drawn with great care.

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        It looks like they are “hand drawn” using Inkscape or something. I guess you could use Dia to achieve something similar.

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        Status: Paused

        That’s too bad. This looks like a great resource. I wonder if the author has considered allowing others to help contribute?