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    If you’re using Node.js you are probably aware of tape or tap, but one I found recently which is lighter, smaller and simpler is tt.

    Just a friendly tip. :)

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      Using the same protocol, checkout out pgTAP: http://pgtap.org/

      This is a quite nice and extensive unit testing framework for PG–really handy for making sure functions do what you think they should, that tables are laid out and indexed the way they should be, and several other things.

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        I’m familiar with TAP from perl-land and I find it is a pretty well-thought-out way of abstracting test results.

        Using this protocol allows you to use your favourite test runner/result consumer from any language which you can teach to emit the basics of this (very simple) format, adding features as you need them.

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          I forked/update a c unit test framework to output simple tap output. Was stupid simple and easy to do. Bonus was then all my test “executables” could run in parallel. Until I hit that one case of ancient perl test runners on suse 10.

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          Years ago in perl-land (prior to node.js) I wrote some TAP libraries for reporting javascript unit test results using mozilla’s rhino interpreter. I was writing Javascript MVC and SPA before people invented those terms.

          Also. I walked uphill to school. Both ways.