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    Could’ve used Forth. That way, you can really build up a character from strokes… : 大 horizontal throw press ; anyone?

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      This is a great esolang opportunity.

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      It’s still easier to read than Rust. Nice work! :)

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        Perl still beats it though. Go Perl!

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        Previous discussion: https://lobste.rs/s/vutyqk.

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          I had to click through and look at the examples, just to expose myself to the same sensation programmers who don’t read any English must get when they approach the languages I work in daily. It’s easy to forget what a leg up that gives… I’ve implemented the Chinese remainder theorem more than once, and I can make head nor tail of this sample which the article assures us implements that same theorem.

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            Google Translate is a great, if whimsical, equalizer. Even without the details, seeing the notation in an alphabet you understand lets you start picking out the structure:

            • 注曰「「 … 」」– “The note says…”, ie, a comment
            • 吾有一術。名之曰「 foo 」。欲行是術。– “I have a technique. The name is “foo”. Desire is art.” ie, declare a function named “foo”. There’s statements after that declaring arguments and return type, but I haven’t figured out how those exactly work yet. The article suggests that the grammar and idiom is based on classical Chinese grammar as well, not just the vocabulary, so inflection/particles/whatever might make life a little complicated. I love the statement “Desire is art” as part of a programming language though.
            • 施「 foo 」於「 bar 」 – A function call, “apply foo to the thing named bar”.
            • 名之曰「 foo 」。– “The name is “foo”.” This turns up in variable declarations as well as function definitions, though I haven’t figured out exactly how variables work yet.

            I kinda want to decipher the rest of this language now…

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              Nice. I didn’t think to apply a translator.

              A programming language is a great application for that.

              I considered playing with one of their transpilers, but didn’t feel like going as far as installing something.