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    This is the evolution of the work done by the main developer of CopperheadOS. I hesitated to post this as my first submission because any CopperheadOS discussion seems to be a lightning rod for pretty terrible social behavior other places. But I’m personally very excited that the work is continuing.

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      “This is the evolution of the work done by the main developer of CopperheadOS.”

      Glad it’s going somewhere. That was one of the most important projects in the mobile space.

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        That’s a weird name. I assume they’re referring to the snake species, and not the Northern Democrats who advocated for a negotiated peace with the Confederacy during the US Civil War.

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          It’s species familiar to anyone who grows up in the areas where they are common. Teachers and parents warn kids about them so it’s a good name for anything you want to sound slightly intimidating. :)

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            It’s a weird name for something that’s supposed to keep your phone safe though.

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              There’s names product developers come up with to resound well with the audience. Then, there’s names coders come up with that they think sound cool. CopperheadOS was probably the latter. If there’s any meaning, it might be that attackers don’t want to poke at a Copperhead because there’s no reward in it. Only misery. :)