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    This article is really terrible. The biggest problem being his dismissal of everyone who doesn’t like the new MBPs as being fair-weather Apple users. Which is horse shit. I’ve been using Macs professionally for ~7 years. I got into it because it was the best platform for doing development work, from the UNIX underpinnings to the fantastic hardware.

    I don’t like the new rMBPs because they don’t bring enough improvement over my 4 year old rMBP while asking me to compromise in areas that really matter. I’ve said this over and over again, and so have all the other developers I’ve seen who are unhappy with the new MBPs.

    The complaints about the 16GB RAM limitation and the lackluster CPU and GPU improvements are because we buy these machines for professional work and intend to use them for 4 years. When a new generation comes out and it’s not much improvement over our old 4 year old machine, we know that we’re not buying ourselves another 4 years of useful life from these new machines. That’s unacceptable for computers that cost $2-3k.

    The problem with the thinness is that it means the battery life did not improve on this generation. At best Apple maintained the battery life of my 4 year old machine, and that’s not surprising considering the performance didn’t really improve enormously. That’s disappointing.

    For me, also, the loss of MagSafe is a real concern. I haven’t seen the media pick up on this but everyone I talk to sees that as a huge blunder. We all know MagSafe has saved us thousands in repair bills over the years. I have big dogs, it’s almost a weekly event that the power cord gets yanked away from my rMBP. If I switched to one of the new MBPs with USB-C I’d be taking it in for repairs that aren’t covered by Apple Care within a month or two, no matter how safe I try to be.

    The complaints about the new MBPs seem silly because of the way the media has covered them, but I don’t see how any real working developer who has been using a MBP day in day out for years would come to any other conclusion than that Apple doesn’t have our interests at heart with the new MBP design. It’s the same conclusion creative professionals in video editing, sound editing, etc. have had to come to with the Mac Pro languishing and the updates to Apple’s professional software being disappointing.

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      also what is wrong with being a fair weather apple user? they’re a company selling a product, not some sports team you’re rooting for. if they make a product that sucks, don’t buy it!

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        I’m sure you can get a 3rd party usb-c to “magsafe” to usb-c style cable.

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            But the argument isn’t “you can get something to do X”, at the end of the day Apple declined to include it in the final product. Someone else is now creating an accessory that achieves a similar end result, but only because Apple didn’t include the thing to begin with.

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          That…article seemed a lot more concerned with fellating Apple than talking about Windows.

          In fact, that’s kinda my problem with these submissions: it seems like there are some mandatory catechisms authors have to get through when talking about their Chosen Product Vendor, the One True Platform, even when nominally meaning to address shortcomings or talk about switching platforms. It just always seems self-indulgent and pretentious.

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            That was what I was going to say. Originally reading then increasingly skimming then skipping to end of an article that talked on and on about Apple… with nothing about Windows experience. The title should indicate it’s all about Apple to avoid wasting people’s time.

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              I was really hoping for someone else’s take on using Windows after OS X for years. I recently purchased a desktop to start playing games on, and using Windows 10 is still a jarring experience. Nothing about it feels polished or well put together. Windows 7 was substantially more visually interesting, and still feels more polished and put together to me Windows 10.