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    I found this new ActivityPub based microblog and wanted to share it, despite its early development stage, because it does mention the runyourown.social philosophy and because the author cares about easy deployments, something other projects in this space neglect. There’s more about the approach in the Readme: https://github.com/alexwennerberg/gourami/blob/master/README.md

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      I am very excited by this. I currently run Pleroma but have been searching for an alternative and that this is written in Rust is the icing on the cake for me.

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        Sounds interesting, specially for those running their own “one user” mastodon instance. Lots of complexity and resources wasted when something much lighter and simpler would do the trick.

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          How does it compare to honk? https://humungus.tedunangst.com/r/honk ?

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            Honk was a big inspiration for me, especially Ted’s ActivityPub blog posts, which were the best I’ve read about ActivityPub “in practice”. His implementation is far more mature than mine, but there are a couple of differences. Engineering wise, there is a lot of overlap, and I probably could have forked Honk and saved myself a lot of time.

            My primary difference is that I’m trying to build a social network that functions a bit different than Mastodon or existing AP implementations. The main distinction being that there isn’t much meaningful difference between being on mastodon.social, some Pleroma instance, or self-hosted Mastodon. With Gourami, the server and community itself is the most important abstraction – the server is the only ActivityPub actor, and all users on the server see a shared timeline. Being on X server vs Y server is a distinct experience.

            In addition, federation is a component, but a non-federated server is also a key use case I want to support. This led me to support private instances, invite-only servers, etc, as well as the vision that someone could run Gourami on a completely private network tied to a physical location (e.g. a Mesh network)

            This could be a futile effort and not what people are looking for in an AP server, in which case this might just end up as a lighter-weight Pleroma, with a standard Mastodon-like ActivityPub implementation. I definitely am open to changes and suggestions based on what users are looking for, this is very experimental at this point.

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              Thank you for taking the time to respond and welcome to lobsters!

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                Of course! I’m glad to be here – this site is really cool. I was wondering where the GitHub stars were coming from!