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    Visually, that box reminds me of the Mac IIcx that used to sit on my desk in the early ’90s. I guess it was just the zeitgeist.

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      a copy of HP-UX 10.20 for 700 series machines. This was tricky to find! A friendly computer historian was willing to send me an ISO, but I’m not aware of one that’s publicly downloadable. Dear HP: please just post these.

      This stuff is so old that HP themselves may no longer have them anyway.

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        My favourite workstation from that line. Looks so cute and it runs NeXTSTEP

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          Yes, but you’ve seen my Galaxy 1100 and it’s so much better: a portable 9000/712. And it runs NeXTSTEP. :)

          Still, my favourite HP hardware (apart from PA-RISC, which I have great fondness for as my first job out of college was on a K250) is hp300. My 9000/350 is my physically largest running system, in an actual HP rack.

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            A portable HPPA NeXTSTEP box was a nice touch :)

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          Why isn’t there an out of the box mitmproxy script that can downgrade security on the local trusted network. Not that you would want to do any real work on Netscape 4, but it would make non-modern cypher browsers more fun.

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            Charles Proxy might be able to be persuaded to do this out the box: it does SSL MITM automatically for debugging for example.